The Reichert Planetarium



The Vanderbilt’s Charles and Helen Reichert Planetarium opened its doors to the public in 1971. The Planetarium enhanced Museum  offerings and now offers  cutting-edge programming in the most technologically advanced theater of its kind on Long Island. We serve local school districts, our community, and out-of-town visitors. The Planetarium has diverse programming that includes fulldome films, live star talks, laser shows, concerts, and special events. The Planetarium is also available as a venue for  corporate events and other engagements. 

In 2013, the Planetarium and its William and Mollie Rogers Theater with a 60-foot dome underwent a $4-million dollar renovation – including 147 oversized comfort seats, a powerful 5.1 surround sound system, and one of the finest star projector and fulldome video projection systems in the world. The theater’s  hybrid  Geministar III system  can show an incredibly realistic starry sky that seamlessly cross-fades with the fulldome video system to lift audiences off Earth and have them travel anywhere in the known universe! Audiences  can  visit planets, moons, stars, exoplanets, black holes, stellar nurseries, galaxies, and even the entire universe itself from the farthest vantage points known. Visitors find it  a truly wonderful,  awe-inspiring experience. 

The  Planetarium has a rooftop Observatory which is open to the public every Friday night, weather permitting. There, guided by an astronomy educator, visitors can examine the night sky through the Vanderbilt’s 16-inch Meade reflecting telescope.

The Vanderbilt is pleased to host the Astronomical Society of Long Island. The club meets at the Planetarium each Wednesday night  so that  like-minded amateur astronomers can  discuss various subjects in astronomy. To find out more about the club,  please visit their website at