Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum Board of Trustees

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Vanderbilt Museum Staff

  • Executive Director: Elizabeth Wayland-Morgan
  • Business Manager: Barbara Oster
  • Planetarium Director: David Bush
  • Director of Communications: Patrick Keeffe
  • Director of Development: Sue Madlinger
  • Associate Director of Education: Beth Laxer-Limmer
  • Facilities Supervisor: Peter Newman
  • Operations Supervisor: Jim Munson
  • Security Supervisor: Keith Cooney
  • Event Coordinator: Sarah Beutel
  • Site Use Coordinator: Carol Sperandeo
  • Public Programming Coordinator: Dawn Vendryes-Jackson
  • Admissions Coordinator & Graphic Designer: Megan Gallipeau
  • Curatorial Assistant: Maryann Zakshevsky
  • Archives and Records Manager: Killian Taylor
  • Receptionist: Joan Borstelmann
  • Grounds Crew: Timothy Donaldson

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