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Rush 2112 - Laser Show

Over forty years ago the three prophets of Rush foretold an intergalactic war on their prog-rock album, 2112. They predicted that in the year 2062, the universe will finally find peace — and oppression — as the Solar Federation unifies warring planets and instates the music-hating Priests of the Temples of Syrinx as overlords. Everything will change, however, in 2112 when an optimistic free-thinker finds a “strange musical device” and martyrs himself while attempting to bring melody to the stars.

Track Listing:

1. “2112”
    I. Overture
    II. The Temples of Syrinx
    III. Discovery
    IV. Presentation
    V. Oracle: The Dream
    VI. Soliloquy
    VII. Grand Finale
2. A Passage to Bangkok
3. The Twilight Zone
4. Lessons
5. Tears
6. Something for Nothing

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