Environmental Education with Dropseed Native Landscapes

Carnivorous Plants & Bog Planters

Sunday, June 9 | 9:00 to 11:00 am

Join Anthony Marinello, a NY Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional and owner of Dropseed Native Landscapes, for a discussion and workshop on the unique carnivorous plants that call Long Island home. Learn what makes a bog different to other wetlands, why some plants have evolved to become carnivorous, and how bogs are an increasingly imperiled ecosystem. Learn how you can create an artificial bog at home and join in on the creation of your very own patio bog planter, complete with carnivorous plants and everything needed for success. Choose between attending the lecture alone ($50) or attending the lecture with the creation of your very own bog planter ($150).

All bog planters will receive:
1 x 6.5 gallon rubber tub
1 x Purple Pitcher Plant
1 x Sundew
1 x Cranberry
peat/sand substrate
Pine straw mulch
1 x care pamphlet
Additional bog species, such as native orchids, will also be available for purchase.