This NEW live-lecture planetarium show is available to book now for field trips taking place on or after February 1st, 2024.
Ages:3rd - 12th Grade

The Great North American Eclipse of April 2024 is fast approaching… and with it is a new LIVE educational program from the Vanderbilt Planetarium: ECLIPSE!

Eclipses are rare and exciting events. Ancient civilizations viewed them as supernatural warnings preceding cataclysmic events, caused by angry deities or upset spirits. Today, we understand the true cause of eclipses – thanks to our understanding of the motions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun – allowing modern observers to enjoy them to the fullest.

ECLIPSE! transports students through time and space to explore ancient perspectives about these events and how they contrast with our current understanding of the physical universe. We will observe the Sun and Moon’s apparent motions across the sky, examine the Moon and Earth’s orbital paths, discover how celestial objects’ shadows create lunar and solar eclipses, and view simulated eclipses. We will travel to other planets in our solar system to learn the difference between eclipses, transits, and occultations, emphasizing why Earth’s eclipses are so unique. This show also covers the phases of the Moon, the Moon’s effect on tides, and seasonal constellations visible on the date of your visit.

To prepare students for the Great North American Eclipse taking place on April 8th, 2024, students will observe a simulated partial solar eclipse as it will appear from Long Island. We will also travel to a location experiencing totality, compare the three types of solar eclipses, and discuss ways to safely view the Sun.

Teacher Resources

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New York State Science Learning Standards for grades 3-12 covered by ECLIPSE!

New York State Science Learning Standards covered during the program for 3rd – 12th grade students.

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