Audio Tour

Audio Grounds Tour

The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum is offering a free audio tour of the museum grounds. Join Mr. Vanderbilt himself as he walks you through his estate, and learn about the history of Eagle’s Nest and the man who built it!

This tour is self-guided and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

How it Works

To begin your tour, simply use the map below.

Follow the route indicated on the map, and when you reach a stop on the tour (marked by a number) click on the audio clip below the map that matches your number.

1 – Parking Lot

2 – Mansion Courtyard

3 – Bell Tower

4 – Arcade

5 – Boxwood Garden

6 – Bridge

7 – Carriage House

8 – Marine Museum Entrance

9 – Marine Museum Staircase

10 – Corinthian Columns

11 – Eagles