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Clara Macri

Clara Macri

Clara Macri is a retired Wall Street investment executive who worked for Bear Stearns & Co. and later for UBS. She co-founded The CPA Club of Manhattan and the Foundation for Oncomolecular Research. Born in Portugal, she was raised in Lisbon, Mozambique, Africa, and New England.

For more than 10 years, Clara has successfully raised money on Long Island for healthcare, hunger programs, hospice, medical research, and the arts. Her initiatives have helped Long Island Cares/The Harry Chapin Food Bank, Long Island Farm Bureau, Good Shepherd Hospice, Lustgarten Foundation, and Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, among other organizations.

Clara serves on various boards, including that of Blanca’s House, a global medical-mission organization that provides surgeries for patients without access to health care. Recently, she created Clara Macri & Associates, a marketing and public relations firm based in New York, and Palm Beach, and is an agent/broker for international artists.

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