Winter-Spring Creative Workshops for Children

When schools close for February and April breaks, the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum’s Education Department offers fun, creative workshops for pre-kindergarten children and those in grades K-4.

Advance registration is required for all workshops. Please call (631) 854-5539 for more information and to register.

Vanderbilt educator works with children in a creative workshop Vanderbilt Museum photo
Vanderbilt educator works with children in a creative workshop
Vanderbilt Museum photo

All workshops are held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Fee: $20 for members, $18 for non-members.

Cancellation policy: The Museum reserves the right to cancel any workshop that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Refunds will be issued up to seven days before the start of a workshop, for a cancellation made by the registrant.

Saturday, February 12
Sailor’s Valentine
Kindergarten – Grade 3

Explore William K. Vanderbilt’s collection of sea shells and learn about the fascinating animals that live inside.

Monday, February 20
Grades 2 – 4

Mr. Vanderbilt’s mansion is filled with interesting portraits, including one of George Washington.  After our house tour we’ll paint our own self-portraits.

Tuesday, February 21
Cold Climate Adaptations
Grades 1 – 3

Explore the wildlife dioramas and learn how animals survive the cold.  After our tour we’ll create a mini diorama snow globe.

Wednesday, February 22
Animals in Winter
Preschool (with adult)

We’ll explore the museum to find animals that live in cold climates and make a polar bear print snow globe.

Monday, April 10
Fish and Whales
Grades 3 and 4

We’ll visit the marine collection and compare the anatomy of fish and marine mammals and create a mixed media underwater seascape.

Tuesday, April 11
Carnivores and Herbivores
Kindergarten – Grade 2

Visit the wildlife dioramas, compare carnivores and herbivores and make a big cat mask.

Wednesday, April 12
Butterflies and Moths
Preschool (with adult)

Visit the insect collection, learn about the characteristics of butterflies and moths, and make a mobile.

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