Visiting the Vanderbilt Museum

Photo: Glenn Wester
Photo: Glenn Wester


September 5, 2013

By Mia Redick – Kidsday Reporter

Have you ever been to the Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium? If you haven’t, you should visit. It is in Centerport.

The Vanderbilt Museum includes the mansion, marine museum, rose garden, guard house, education center and carriage house.

I also saw a show at the Vanderbilt Planetarium, “Solar System Odyssey.” The show is very good. It shows the audience about Earth and how it is different from all the other planets. It also shows the audience about several moons of different planets.

In the show, the characters go on a flight into space. They go to some of the most exciting places in space. Their mission was to find out if there can be life on any other places in space. They visited places such as Mars and moons of different planets. The show said that some of the places could have had life on them. The show is recommended for those age 10 and older.

If you haven’t visited the museum, I think you should. There are many fun things to do. And if you like space, the planetarium is the place for you.

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