Ornithologist to Lead ‘Owl Prowl’ After Dark

Ornithologist James MacDougall and Aria, an eagle-owl, at the Vanderbilt Mansion
Photo by Cheryl MacDougall

Ornithologist James MacDougall will present Owl Prowl, the third in his series of Bird Talks, on the evenings of Friday and Saturday, September 4-5. Bring your flashlight. Meet at 8:00 pm the Eagles at the Vanderbilt front gate.

MacDougall is an ornithologist with the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Refuge Center in Hampton Bays, N.Y.

Admission: Members free. Non-members $6. Non-Members must register at the ticket link below:

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Owls, adored by millions and feared by others, are part of world mythology and folklore. Few people get the opportunity to see these mysterious creatures outside of zoos. MacDougall will discuss owls that live on and visit Long Island. He will examine their adaptation to their environment and how humans can help them survive. Afterward, he will lead a brief walk to hear and possibly see the owls that live on the Vanderbilt Estate.

MacDougall is the education coordinator and a rescue transport volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Center. He works with raptors and other animals and educates visitors about them, and the importance of preserving their environment.

“For many years, I’ve rescued animals as small as bats and hummingbirds and as large as deer and eagles,” he said.

MacDougall has taken courses through the Cornell University Ornithology Lab and has dedicated his free time to studying birds and sharing his love for birds with others in the community.

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