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Grades 1 - 12

History and Science

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Museum Programs 

The Vanderbilt Mummy
Grades 5-8
In 1931 William Vanderbilt visited Egypt and purchased an mummy for his little museum in Northport.  In this program we will discuss the excursion to Egypt, view photographs from William Vanderbilt’s journal, and learn details of The Vanderbilt Mummy using x-rays.  A creative activity will be emailed upon registration.

Grades 1-4
Have fun discovering and learning about the animals and their habitats in the Museum’s natural history dioramas.  We will discuss adaptations, the effects of climate change, and the importance of protecting the environment.  A creative activity will be emailed upon registration.

Ocean Odyssey
Grades 3-6
Explore William Vanderbilt’s Hall of Fishes and discover the diversity of life in the world’s oceans.  We will discuss the vertical distribution of life from the intertidal zone to the trench zone, climate change, and observe preserved corals, sea stars, mollusk shells, bones, and teeth.  A creative activity will be emailed upon registration.

William Vanderbilt’s Eagles Nest      New for Spring 2021
Grades 7-12
Open a door to Long Island History with a visit to William Vanderbilt’s summer home.  Tour the Spanish Revival mansion and learn about the Vanderbilt family and William’s passion for racing cars and collecting. 

Astronomy Programs

Exploring the Solar System
Grades 1-5
Our Solar System harbors a star surrounded by planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, and more. This virtual tour of our planetary neighborhood will introduce students to each of these objects. Beginning on Earth, students will observe the constellations visible during the season of your visit and learn how to distinguish planets from stars in the nighttime sky. Our tour doesn’t only take place on Earth — we will “blast off” to get a closer look at each destination in our Solar System. Students will witness the planets revolving around the Sun and discover how Earth’s rotation causes the changes between night and day. We will visit the Sun, each planet, the asteroid belt, and more, discussing the characteristics of each location in depth before returning safely back to Earth.

Space Adventure to the Moon
Grade 1-5
Why does the Moon change shape from night to night? What month’s full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon? What do astronauts do when they visit the Moon? The answers can be found in this basic introduction to the nighttime sky. Space Adventure begins with a discussion of the Sun, the closest star to Earth. Students learn why the Sun seems to rise in the East and set in the West. Educators discuss the Sun’s properties and its effect on weather through the Water Cycle. Students will also learn about different types of clouds and how to spot a rainbow.

The night-sky discussion also explores the Moon’s changing phases as it orbits the Earth. Included are the origins of the names of each monthly Moon phase. The program includes a trip to the Moon to explore the features of the lunar surface. Students will see imagery of astronauts from various Apollo lunar missions performing experiments on gravity and exploring the Moon’s surface.

60 minutes
$200 class/35 students
$600 auditorium

To schedule a program call 631-854-5539 or email

Once a reservation is made, a contract will be sent along with a program description.  Please review the information, sign, and return a copy within 30 days with the deposit.

$75 deposit within 30 days of making a reservation is required to secure the date.  The balance is due 30 days before the program date.  Deposit will be refunded if the program is cancelled 90 days before the program date.  Program fees can be paid by check or major credit card.  Purchase orders that include the program date, reservation number or program name, and number of students should be mailed to Reservations, Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, PO Box 605, 180 Little Neck Road, Centerport, NY 11721 or faxed to 631-854-5530.

Deposits cannot be refunded for programs cancelled within 90 days of the scheduled date.  Groups will be charged for all students reserved on the contract.  The Museum must be notified of any changes in attendance numbers at least 30 days before the scheduled program date.  We cannot issue refunds for absences.

Museum Closings
In the event of inclement weather, please email to check on the status of the program.

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