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Vanderbilt Marine Museum

Marine Museum’s First Floor Reopens after Completion of Crucial Renovations

The first floor of the Vanderbilt Marine Museum (The Hall of Fishes) re-opened in October 2014 after the building was closed for the summer. Building renovations continue on the second floor with the completion and upgrading of building’s electrical system. Installation of new glass doors at the main entrance of the building enhance the ease...
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Vanderbilt Museum Exhibits

Recreating the Kalahari in Centerport

Antelope gather at a watering hole in the Kalahari Desert. Behind them, anthills appear like tall lumpy pyramids, and giraffes roam near the distant treeline. As the sun sets, the amber light glows through the trees, and pink and purple clouds float above the horizon. Intruding into this exotic scene is a hand extending an...
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Vanderbilt Museum’s natural-history gallery

Extinct Passenger Pigeons on Display

September 1 marks the centennial of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, once the most abundant land bird in North America. Project Passenger Pigeon, a collaboration of scientists, educators, conservationists, artists and filmmakers, will observe the anniversary with a documentary film, a book and a wide range of programs and exhibitions – and use it...
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Rainy Day Activities For Families

You don’t have to stay home when it rains – there are plenty of rainy day family activities to do indoors at the Vanderbilt. You and your kids will enjoy seeing the mysterious, 3,000-year old mummy Mr. Vanderbilt brought back from Egypt in 1932. Or you can explore his private, dramatically lighted Habitat, home to...
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Vanderbilt Mansion Pool

Visiting the Vanderbilt in the summer

Summer is a great time to visit the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, where there’s something to interest everyone. On Saturday, July 19, the Vanderbilt will hold its third annual Clam Bake, a benefit for the Museum’s education programs. It’s an evening of seafood, music and a Planetarium show. Guests are invited to bring their nine...
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